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Adult sessions are based on mutual respect and deep relational connection. I serve as coach, teacher, cheerleader and therapist, and I work together with my clients to create an environment of safety where all fears emotions and desires are allowed. I help people relieve their depression and anxiety by helping them develop new and healthier perspective of themselves and their lives. We work together to awaken their trust in themselves and a spirit of growth and exploration. Individual adult therapy is a good place to explore anxiety, depression, substance issues, anger, trauma and personal obstacles.


Couple sessions are designed to deepen connection, communication and deepen understanding. In couples therapy the relationship is the client, so I strive to help individuals define, understand and deepen their relationships. My approach encourages deep and meaningful sharing, and truthfulness. I help individuals clarify their relationship needs, dreams and desires and to connect with each other in a safe and calm environment.

Parenting Classes

Bi-monthly parenting classes, based on a book-club model are designed to create community and gain knowledge on issues of parenting. The basics of parent child power, communication, discipline and relationship building are covered as well as specific guidance and support based on participant topics and the needs of the group. Groups are an intimate and fun way to learn more about parenting and support others in the process of raising healthy kids. Topics to be covered include – kids and technology, their friends and you, alcohol and substance abuse, behavior issues and school. Parenting classes are a good supplement to individual therapy and can help ease the isolation of suburban parenting.